CRM Team invited CEO and Executive staff from Grand Puy du Fou Amusement Park to showcase the CESIR simulator and its capabilities to create specific scenarios for private companies.
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The scenario involved the crash of a drone in a railroad station, next to the park, creating massive and immediate crowd movement and egress from the crash scene. The role-play scenario gave the opportunity for the participants to test crisis protocols and teamwork.

Human factors are the key element in crisis management. In addition to the “Puy du Fou” scenario, social medias (Twitter, FB and TV channels) were integrated in the exercise with “live reports”. Two presentations of teamwork management conducted by our team of experts –Juan LLAMAS and Jean-Yves JOLLANS demonstrated how extensive knowledge of human factors could help the participants build appropriate responses to assure security and safety of a venue that receives more than 2.2 million visitors every year.

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